Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Trying Organic Pads for the First Time!!!

 rael disposable padsrael disposable padsrael disposable pads

I am trying organic sanitary napkins (pads) for the very first time. A few months ago I watched this video of a man explaining how dangerous and unhealthy it is for us women to use conventional pads. He did live tests that showed pads are made from all recyclable and bleached products, including plastic. When we sweat whilst wearing a pad can cause many things to go wrong, including getting chronic yeast infections as bacteria is being built up in that area when you sweat and your sweat is mixed with all those chemicals due to the manufacturing process. He was actually promoting an organic brand of pad that was being retailed at around $35 for only ten (10) and that was really unaffordable, but recently I saw YouTuber, 'The Chic Natural' make a video about all the natural feminine hygiene products that she uses and this brand, Rael was featured in her video for only $12.99 for two packs of 14 in each pack. That is a total of 28 pads for that price. I had to jump on it immediately. Here is the link to the Rael Organic Pads if you are so interested in purchasing

They are also disposable, for those who are interested in knowing... :) 

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